About Me

Hello! My name is Molly Hammond, and I decided to start this blog as a way to share what I’m most passionate about and let it evolve into whatever it may become. I simply wanted a place to write about things I love, so thanks for stopping by!

I love food. I love the experience of food. I love experimenting in the kitchen. I love that it brings people together. I love when the smell of cooking or baking fills the whole house. There is something so inviting and cozy about cooking that just makes me so happy.

I love the outdoors. I love fresh air. I love the mountains. I love hiking. I love the feeling (afterwards) of going outside my comfort zone.

I love traveling. I love exploring new places. I love the memories that are created and never forgotten. I love that shared adventures, good or bad, bond you to the people you experience them with.

I love my family and friends. They fill my life with love and laughter.

Most of all, I love my husband. This blog wouldn’t exist without him. He has helped me grow, believe in myself, and realize that you should never let fear hold you back from trying new things. I absolutely love the adventures we share together, and now I love getting to share them here.